Wellbeing at Our School

School Counsellor

All students at this school have access to a school counsellor Mrs Liz Fox from Centacare.  Liz visits our school each week and provides guidance and help to students experiencing emotional, psychological, social and/or learning problems.  In supporting students, the counsellor will also offer advice to parents and teachers as appropriate.  If a parent wishes to speak with the school counsellor, an appointment can be made by telephoning the school.  Referrals may come from parents or teachers.

Breakfast Club

Each morning a free, cheese toastie breakfast program operates to provide sustenance and energy to any students that may have missed breakfast or need an extra boost to the start of the day.

Wellbeing Officer

A School Wellbeing Officer will be appointed during 2024 to further develop student, staff and family wellbeing to ensure that all members of our school community continue to encounter, achieve and flourish.  The Student Wellbeing Famework will be incorporated and the pillars of Leadership, Inclusion, Student Voice, Partnerships and Support will be incorporated into school practice.

Student Representative Council

The school has a Student Representative Council (SRC) that is elected by their peers. One representative from Years Two – Six and the School Captains and Vice Captains make up this Council.  The SRC organises and runs fun social activities for students such as discos and movie nights.  They also raise funds for charities outside of the school.

School Leaders have the opportunity to attend the Grip Leadership Day to further develop and enhance their leadership skills.