Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Lawrence’s Catholic Primary School, founded in 1888 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The school is widely regarded for its family atmosphere, educational outcomes and for its all-round success, particularly in the area of Agriculture, NAPLAN results and sporting achievements.

The challenge for us as educators is to provide our students with an education which will give them the knowledge, skills and values to compete in a world that is ever changing.  Our children will need the Christian values to which we subscribe, if they are to be balanced individuals in a challenging world. Our hope is that the education they receive, with the Christian ethos they learn, will carry them into the future as self-learners who have a moral purpose and who will strive to make the world a better place.

The challenge of high levels of learning for all, is central to all school activities. The school attempts to support all students and offers a wide number of programs that cater for the diversity of needs.  We strive for equity and always seek reasons to include children in activities, rather than exclude. We focus on getting the foundations right in literacy and numeracy, as well as emphasising other Key Learning Areas including technology, the creative and performing arts, science and sport.  All learning occurs in a Christ-centred learning environment.

A key feature of the school is the enthusiastic level of parental and community support and its family atmosphere.  Many of our successes have been greatly enhanced by this assistance.  An active Parents and Friends Association ensures that the school's developing needs are assisted through vigorous fundraising, and special assistance with school maintenance, beautification, resources and general improvement. Parents are regularly involved in assisting with sport, attending special celebrations and assemblies.

Communication is a most important part of the school's operation. We hope that through personal involvement, weekly newsletters, the school notice board, Parish Bulletin, the Compass App, School Webpage, School Facebook Page, CEO Facebook Page and The Coonabarabran Times, you will be well informed of all school activities.

Thank you for placing your beautiful children in our care.  I trust that your association with the school will be enjoyable and productive.

Natasha Milford