School Mission

‘AD ALTA VIRTUTE’ – To the Highest Virtue.
St Lawrence's Catholic Primary School is Christ-centred. Our school aims to create a safe and caring community providing a dynamic educational environment and promotes high levels of learning for all.

School Vision

In our efforts to provide authentic and effective Catholic Education and in the spirit of our founder St Mary MacKillop we will endeavour to:

  • Develop a Christ-centred school community within the local Parish community
    “It is an Australian who writes this”
  • Present the teachings of the Catholic faith as a "way of life“
    “Who am I to stand in God’s way?”
  • Develop a Christian community where every person in the school is respected and treated with justice and mercy in all situations
    “Let us really love one another”
  • Assist parents in developing in students the ability to evaluate, discriminate and choose according to Christian values
    “Begin with prayer and end with it”
  • Provide an integrated curriculum, which caters for the total academic development of each child
    “Cling to God’s love and grace”
  • Provide students with the opportunity for physical, social, cultural and creative expression
    “See the beauty of the Lord”
  • Provide a stimulating and rewarding educational environment for children
    “Bear with the faulty as you hope God will bear with you”
  • Provide children with fundamental knowledge and skills considered necessary for participation in modern society
    “We must always expect from time to time to receive crosses and know that we also give them”
  • Assist each student to maximise his or her potential
    “Work with the means placed at your disposal”
  • Develop within students Christian values which will form an umbrella for social awareness, mature judgements, responsible self-direction, moral awareness and self discipline
    “Never see an evil without seeing how you may remedy it”
  • Promote parental and community involvement and participation in the school
    “See the beauty of the Lord”
  • Promote a community of learners
    “All depends on prayer…begin with it and end with it”

Quotes are attributed to St Mary Mackillop


Josephites have a particular way of loving and of living discipleship according to the Gospel based on simplicity, hospitality and generosity.

The charism of the Josephite way of life belongs to all those who feel called to live the Gospel in a simple, inclusive, loving way after the example of Saint Mary MacKillop. The Josephite charism belongs to both to those who are committed religious and all others who wish to live this charism.

Values that Saint Mary Mackillop lived and modelled

  • a willingness to go where others cannot go
  • to work in simple and ordinary ways – “to roll up one’s sleeves”
  • to seek the “poorest and most neglected parts of God’s vineyard”
  • to be respectful of the dignity of all
  • an ability to face life’s struggles
  • to act with courage in the face of adversity
  • to be grounded in the reality of everyday
  • to extend a compassionate hand to those in need
  • to make others feel “at home”
  • to live in and among the people – to be one with them
  • to find practical solutions to difficult situations
  • to be ready to risk for the values that shape us

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Coonabarabran NSW 2357

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